Other art and stuff

I am also a member of an arts group we set up in Llandeilo called Frank Art.
We are a group of like minded individuals that set a task every 2 weeks to produce a piece of art based on a theme set by each member in turn.
Click on the link to follow... Hope you enjoy..


On the subject of religion, I am neither christian, muslim, buhddist or whatever face you want your chosen deity to have.
I know my redeemer liveth, And it isn't God.. (with a big 'G')
When we die, and our bodies are either worm fodder or we burn to ash, the essentilal molecules become part of this ball of rock we call home... one way or another.
This planet will eventually become consumed by our sun, we will become cosmic dust, eventually collecting together in places such as the Eagle nebula where our atoms will fuse with every other.

Heaven is when the atom which is 'you' recognises one you loved, Hell is never having the 'awareness' to tell the difference.
We hold the keys to our own eternity, time passes in an instant. Believe what you will but I know at the end, all we want to belive is that love trancends all, It is as intangible as believing in God, but it allows me to make my own decisions about how I live my life.
Just something for you to consider or dismiss... May your God go with you as Dave Allen said....  http://youtu.be/r6w2M50_Xdk